Platforms Used: Wordpress & Mailchimp
The website design for was customized to showcase the stunning photography of Krisna's portfolio. She wanted the design to be visually appealing, modern, and easy to navigate, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for the user.
The website design process started with defining the goals and target audience for the website, including determining what type of photography the company specializes in and what information is most important for users to know.
The homepage would feature a header with the brand logo and a clear and easy-to-use navigation menu leading to the website's various sections, such as portfolio, about, and contact. The main section of the homepage would feature a slideshow of the company's best and most recent work, showcasing the variety and quality of their photography.
The contact section would include clear and prominent calls to action, such as "Get in touch" or "Book a session," along with a contact form, phone number, and email address.

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